Semi-new Fusion owner saying hi

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Semi-new Fusion owner saying hi

Postby blavatsky » Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:59 am

Hey everybody - i've had my fusion 8HD for about 4 months but this is my first time posting. Sad to say I have not delved into the fusion nearly as much as I want to yet (man its huge!) but always impressed when I turn it on. I know it has some shortcomings but man it, I like the thing.

My other gear includes roland sp-555 sampler, korg emx-1/kaossilator/kp3, nova novation laptop, alesis qs6, yamaha portasound 480, fender telecaster, paul reed smith 10-22, fender cyberdeluxe amp, rocktron silver dragon tube distortion, taylor 315-ce acoustic, cheap pacific drum set w/ decent cymbals. Now, i'm trying to tie ALL of that together to get some sort of indie/grunge/industrial/trance/acid/sampler/experimental/pop hybrid, but so far I just tinker and get overwhelmed by my gear - I'm pretty new to synths being a guitarist/drummer for most of musical career.

Please check out my post in general about MIDI issues; namely, how to change between what midi channel you're playing quickly in a mix or song, and how to sync/start an arppegiator on an external module (send MIDI clock doesn't do it?)

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Re: Semi-new Fusion owner saying hi

Postby psionic » Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:05 pm

Welcome aboard, sounds like an interesting setup and set of goals.
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